Historic Bar & Saloon in Fairbanks, AK

Step back in time
when you enter the Senator Saloon. Play pool on an original Brunswick "Union League" from 1898. It arrived in Dawson City "The Klondike" in 1900. Who knows what gold tycoons may have shared a game on this historic table. When the "Rush" was on the table worked its way down the Yukon River, stopping at Eagle, Circle, and finally resting in a trading post in Rampart.

Step up to the solid mahogany bar which was built in Kansas City, then shipped and reassembled on-site by Mre. Lee Dunn. Place an order from the "World's Most Northern Oyster Bar" where succulent oysters are flown in fresh from Seattle on Alaska Airlines.

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Senator Saloon Virtual Tour

Never been to The Pump House? Mosey on through our virtual tours of the Saloon and Antique Gaming Room. See what we have to offer from the comfort of your chair.